Heat-On™ Block System


The safer alternative to oil baths

Heat-On accepts vials, tubes and flasks from 10 ml to 5 litres.

Key Benefits

  • Replace messy oil baths, heating mantles and avoid spills.
  • Make your chemistry safer, cleaner and faster.
  • Solid aluminium blocks provide even heating.
  • Lightweight design allows rapid heating.
  • Unique well design eliminates cracking of flasks.
  • Blocks feature two probe holes for added convenience
  • Optional and detachable lifting handles.
  • Optional PTFE Safety Covers reduce risk of user touching hot blocks
  • Block for Florentine (pear-shaped) flasks.
  • Use up to 260˚C.
  • Fit on all leading hotplate brands with a 145mm Ø top plate; optional adapter plate for 135mm Ø top plates

Choice of block finishes

  • Fluoropolymer coating gives superb chemical resistance
  • Anodised finish is durable, lower cost option

Reasons for choosing Heat-On – cleaner, greener, safer

The risk of oil fires and injury from hot oil spills, plus the mess and cost associated with the use of oil means that oil baths no longer represent safe working practice in labs. Heating mantles are expensive, difficult to clean, do not respond well to spills and often create hot spots when heating.

Scientists are increasingly turning to specially designed aluminium blocks located on stirring hotplates to heat standard round bottom flasks.

Oil baths are messy, dangerous and costly

  • Oil will discolour and degrade with repeated heating and contamination from chemicals, water and general debris.
  • Degradation results in a dangerous lowering of the oil’s flashpoint as well as increased smoking and fumes.
  • Oil should be regularly replaced to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Disposal of oil waste must be done in an environmentally and safe way, with associated costs.

Heating mantles are expensive

Heating mantles are expensive, difficult to clean, do not respond well to spills and often create hot spots when heating.

Key Features
Technical Data

Heat-On heats hotter, faster

  • Not all block designs are the same
  • Heat-up tests have shown Heat-On can boil a 250 ml flask of water in under 11 minutes, faster than an oil bath and faster than other blocks.
  • Another controlled test showed that a 2000 ml Heat-On block and flask, containing 1000 ml flask of water boiled 66% faster than the leading competitor.
  • Heat-On is energy-efficient – using 30% less energy than the leading competitor, when boiling water over a 7 hour period

Heat-On Heat-up Summary

The following data is a summary of time taken for Heat-On to boil various volumes of water. The data was compiled using a Carousel Stirring Hotplate set at its maximum operating temperature.

Volume (ml)

Volume (ml)

Temperature ゚C

Contents time to reach boiling

10 6 310 4 min 48 sec
25 15 310 5 min 54 sec
50 30 310 7 min 12 sec
100 60 310 7 min 54 sec
150 100 310 10 min 36 sec
250 150 310 9 min 48 sec
500 300 310 13 min 30 sec
1000 600 310 17 min 06 sec
2000 1200 310 26 min 18 sec
3000 2000 310 39 min 36 sec
5000 3000 310 51 min 00 sec